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The future of the Internet has come. With the ENV2 launching soon, this new Empower Network 2.0 platform is going to change the game for good.

Watch the video below to hear how Mike describes this new platform

Empower Network 2.0 Version Game Changing Or What?

If you are excited about our NEW Empower Network 2.0 blogging platform coming out let me know what you think in the comments section below! 

And when you are ready to check out our team simply watch this video and follow the actions we’ve laid out for you.

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Solavei Reviews

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Solavei Reviews

Looking for Solavei Reviews? Before you pull out your credit card, let’s take a more closer and in depth look into Solavei, then I will leave the final decision up to you.

Solavei Reviews- The Company

Solavei was founded by Ryan Wuerch, who prior to Solavei, founded Motricity, a mobile data services company that he grew into a publicly traded enterprise worth $1 billion, creating significant investment returns for investors. He served as president for Learning 2000, Inc., an education software company, from 1998 to 2001, and as senior vice president of ShapeRite, a nutritional supplement manufacturer, from 1995 to 1998. He was named the 2010 Pacific Northwest and 2005 Carolinas Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Wuerch’s current board positions include the Miss America Organization and the Washington Roundtable, a nonprofit public policy organization composed of Washington State chief executive officers. In addition, he is an ambassador for the Internet Innovation Alliance in Washington D.C.

In addition to this, Ryan is backed by some top executives from other companies including T-Mobile, At&t, Sprint, JP Morgan Chase and many others.

Solavei officially launched back in September of 2012.  As of right now, they rank #38 out of over 800 other companies for popularity. In just 10 months, they’ve manage to grow from just 20 people with an idea to thousands all across the US. Today, they have paid out over 8.3 million dollars to their members. So, even in its infancy, Solavei shows no sign of slowing down.

Solavei Reviews- The Products

Solavei offers a contract free mobile service via a mobile virtual network operation which utilizes T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network. The product that Solavei is offering is an unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $49.00 per month. Now, people who sign up for Solavei mobile service can either use their own compatible phone or purchase one from Solavei’s network.

Solavei Opportunity To Earn

Once you sign up as a member, you are able to share the plan with other people to earn an income. Solavei compensation plan is simple, you will earn $20 every three members you refer as well as $10 for every three members they refer. Now in addition to that, there are other perks and ways to earn money as well in which you can learn more by watching the video below. With the Solavei app you can enroll friends and family, track your earnings, and connect with everyone in your personal network.

So Is It Worth It?

That’s really a question you have to ask yourself, but when you think about it, the cost barrier to have a fully functional business that can produce a full time income is extremely low. So you’re really not risking much. And besides, if not anything else, at least having the option of having a lower cell phone bill is a great plus.

The most critical piece to getting involved in Solavei or any opportunity for that matter, if you want to create a full time income, is knowing how to market the business.

Let’s face it, there are many people that don’t have a clue about marketing. So it’s super important that you find ways to promote the business, other than your friends and family. Many people fail because of this one aspect alone. And it’s not the company’s fault in this case. It’s because they don’t take the time to invest in the education they need to learn marketing. This skill is crucial and once it is learned, it can be applied anywhere.

So Where Do You Go From Here….

It depends. Do you want an opportunity to change your future, life and overall financial stability? If so, you can click here join now. Otherwise, if you were just surfing the net and just wanted to read something, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share it with friends.


All The Best,
Keyanna Mayfield
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P.S. Who else wants to learn how I recruited 31 people into Solavei in just 27 days using just a blog? Click here now.

Are you looking for ways to make money online? Imagine if you can have in upwards of $5,000-$8,000 dollars in residual income coming to you every month. How would your life change? In today’s post, I wanna show you exactly how to become a wealthy affiliate online using just a blog.

Wealthy Affiliate Using Just A Blog?

Many people are finding out that blogging is a very profitable medium to get into. Rather you’re looking to make some extra money or completely replace your job, you can do this with blogging.

5 Tips To Becoming A Wealthy Affiliate With A Blog

1- Find products to promote on your blog. There are many products online that have built in affiliate platforms which allows you to promote and earn a commission on. Average commissions range from 20-50%.

2- Write reviews about those products targeting specific keywords that people are searching for. To find those keywords, just take the name of the product and put it into the google keyword tool.

3- Find a continuity or membership affiliate program. This will allow you to earn a residual income every single month from someone that buys from you. Imagine doing the work one time and getting paid over and over every month!

4- Join a mastermind or inner circle. Every wealthy affiliate marketer is constantly investing in themselves and the education they need to keep their business growing to higher levels.

5- Stay consistent. This is the downfall of a lot bloggers that never make any money online. They fail to stay consistent. This is the most important step of them all if you really want to succeed and become a wealthy affiliate online. Consistency is the key and you must continue to give value to your audience for them to know, like, trust and therefore buy from you.

So you must continue to educate, motivate and engage your readers and followers by remaining consistent, creating great content and offering value.

Ready To Become A Wealthy Affiliate By Earning 100% Commissions?

I would like to extend an invitation to you to learn how you can be a part of my inner circle. Inside of my community, you will find a community of entrepreneurs from around the world who have created substantial incomes working from home using the internet marketing strategies, tools and support we provide.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to change your life, go ahead and watch this short video where you will hear the story of how Dave went from being a homeless alcoholic to living life completely free, making thousands of dollars online.

Video: How Dave turned his life around in just 4 short years.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate



Info Cash System

Info Cash System

Are you looking at buying Info Cash System? Before you go out and do that, take a quick glimpse at this info cash review.

So What Is Info Cash System Anyway?

The info cash system is a comprehensive video training course that teaches aspiring internet marketers how to legally exploit Facebook and Microsoft Bing advertising instantly to jump start a long term business online.

Who Created This System?

Info cash was created by a guy named Chris Carpenter who, back in 2003, made millions of dollars online through a successful product named Google Cash. This was a product where he learned how to tap into Google adwords advertising which he then turned around and taught thousands of others how to make money advertising with Google as well.

As of now, Chris is back again and ready to teach thousands more people his 7 step secrets to profiting long term, using Facebook and Bing networks.

Now, if you’re not aware, early this year Facebook launched a new feature called Graph Search, which allows you to search for practically anything within the Facebook platform. Whenever graph search doesn’t deliver what you’re looking for, you’ll also get a list of Bing web results all within the same platform. So consider it a built in search engine within Facebook which in my opinion, will be more powerful than Google pretty soon, if not already.

An Insider’s Look In This Info Cash System Review…

According to Chris, there are 7 Steps to creating campaigns all within a 15 minute time span:

1- Open a Bing account (Free)
2- Research different affiliate networks for products (Clickbank, etc.)
3- Look at current offers inside of (get your affiliate link)
4- Do basic keyword research using the Google keyword tool
5- Post your ads on Bing with your link
6- Check your stats on a daily basis
7- Scale up your most profitable campaigns and delete the bad ones

These are the 7 steps in which Chris will go into great detail within his Info Cash course, along with 5 other traffic sources that he will teach you to tap into as a bonus.

Here’s Is What You Will Get When You Buy The Info Cash System

First, you will get all around coaching to make money immediately. This will include practical, step-by-step training videos. You will also have written training materials as well so that you can learn on the go. As another added bonus, you will get access to live webinars every month which will give you an opportunity to brainstorm with Chris, get professional advice and ask questions live.

At this point you’re probably wondering….How much will this cost?

Well, Chris wanted to make this affordable for everyone that was interested, so there are 2 packages to choose from.

#1- $47 Lifetime access- This includes the core info cash system training, videos, ebooks, mind maps, flow charts and unlimited updates for life. In addition, you will also get access to a private community discussion area where you can find additional help from other members, find partners to connect with and develop lasting relationships with like minded people.

#2 – $197 Lifetime access + Personal coaching- You will get everything mentioned in the $47 package plus one-on-one personal mentoring from Chris directly. You will have an opportunity to schedule your personal call with him immediately after purchasing.

Personal coaching is powerful because even though the first package has great value, and everything you need to start making money with paid advertising, sometimes you need that added direction to solidify your business and aid you in scaling and growing your business in a great way by getting that personalized coaching.

I’ve made alot of money online through free advertising which most call blogging. Right on this very blog that you’re reading is where I’ve made alot of my income. I have learned how to do this through this internet training company right here ==> Empower Network

The reason I am recommending the Info Cash System is because if you truly want to build a long lasting, hugely profitable empire online, in my opinion, you need to have a combination of marketing strategies working for you. One is search traffic in which you don’t have to pay for, which is done primarily through blogging. This method can take some time to get rank but can definitely make you a lot of money in the long term, organically. Which is why you need to incorporate the second method which is paid traffic. It is quick and can bring you leads and sales immediately. Having a combination of both can definitely make you an absolute ‘killing’ online.

One of the core methods that I have learned inside of Empower Network is that you blog daily and market daily which is why I incorporate the strategies that i’ve learned inside of the “Info cash system” to market daily with paid advertising.

So if you’re absolutely ready to finally begin making money online now, instead of years down the line, you need to do these 2 things now:

#1- Go pick up Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash System
#2- Set up your viral blogging system here for just $25/month.

If you do these 2 things above, this will be all you ever need to create a long term, sustainable business on the internet!

To The Top!

Keyanna Mayfield

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